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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Loss of life at Taiwan broken down building achieves 114, safeguard endeavors end

TAIPEI: The loss of life at a building that broke down from a solid tremor in southern Taiwan achieved 114 as safeguard endeavors arrived at an end on Saturday, seven days after the earthquake hit.

Those thought missing in the building have now been represented, city authorities said.

The 6.4-size shudder struck at early day break on February 6 toward the start of the Lunar New Year occasion, with the majority of the dead found in Tainan's toppled Wei-guan Golden Dragon Building.

Two other individuals passed on somewhere else in the city.

Safeguard work has concentrated on the destruction of the 17-story building. The building had 256 enrolled occupants yet when more than that number were hauled out in the underlying days after the shudder, it turned out to be clear more individuals were in the building when it toppled.

Of an aggregate 289 individuals hauled out, 175 were bursting at the seams with 96 of them taken to the healing facility, Lai said.  

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Albany charter school rally to attract hundreds of families demanding expanded funding, removal of location cap

Hundreds of city charter school families will rally in Albany Wednesday to urge lawmakers to boost charter school funding and kill a longstanding legislative limit on the number of charter schools.

Republican State Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan will be among the speakers at the annual event organized by charter school lobbying group Families for Excellent Schools, which will take place at the Legislative Office Building.

Families for Excellent Schools CEO Jeremiah Kittredge promised that proponents of the privately-run, publicly-funded schools will make a ruckus.

“Parents are leading the charge in Albany,” said Kittredge. “They’re some of New York’s fiercest activists, and they’ll be making an impassioned case for their children's right to equal funding.”

This year the leaders of the charter school sector are asking for an increase in facilities funding for charter schools, from roughly 20% of typical district per-pupil funding to roughly 30% of district per-pupil funding.


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