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Monday, 3 April 2017

Maharashtra govt begins probe into mega crop insurance fraud

MUMBAI: The state government has run over significant anomalies in protection claims made by agriculturists in 2015. The vast majority of these peculiarities were accounted for from Marathwada, which was the most noticeably bad influenced area in the 26 locale hit by dry spell that year. The state government had dispensed a record Rs 4,205 crore as protection.

The state agribusiness office is researching all protection claims made by ranchers for the kharif and rabi seasons after it became visible that in Beed region alone, Rs 58 crore protection cash that was authorized for agriculturists was guaranteed wrongfully and banks needed to invert that add up to the state exchequer.

As indicated by a write about the episode, more than 15,000 agriculturists from the region had deceitfully asserted protection for a bigger territory of development, or for premium paid for yields they hadn't sowed. The scene was researched by Beed gatherer Naval Kishore Ram when it developed that the developed land appeared as guaranteed was considerably higher than the region accessible for development in the area.

As per the standards, a rancher needs to get a yield authentication from the neighborhood income official (talathi) saying the zone under development and the product he will sow before he can get guaranteed for that harvest. The premium must be paid in any of the banks that are approved by the national horticulture insurance agency. Mobile Number database provider

At times, the rancher would get a product sowing endorsement from the land income officer. A couple days after the fact, he would backpedal to the officer saying he had altered his opinion and would sow another harvest and subsequently would require another authentication. The agriculturist would take these two authentications (the prior one wasn't scratched off) to two distinct banks and pay the protection premium for both the yields, yet sow just a single product. In these cases, protection cases were conceded for both the products.

Source:- Timesofindia 

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