Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Huge hatchet falls as Deutsche Bank to lay off 18,000 in $8.3 billion update

Deutsche Bank laid off staff from Sydney to New York on Monday as it sliced 18,000 occupations in a 7.4 billion euro ($8.3 billion) "reevaluation" that will prompt one more yearly misfortune, an arrangement that thumped its effectively battered offers. Dedicated Server Hosting Spain

Germany's biggest loan specialist said on Sunday it will scrap its worldwide values unit and cut some fixed-pay activities in a retreat from a long-held aspiration to make its battling venture bank, with 38,000 staff, a power on Wall Street. Deutsche Bank has right around 91,500 staff far and wide.

Its offers eradicated early gains and shut down 5.4 percent in Frankfurt after its money boss hailed "noteworthy vulnerability" over equaling the initial investment in 2020. Its bonds likewise fell. US-recorded offers dropped 6.1 percent.

A few examiners were distrustful that the bank could develop future profit rapidly enough to achieve another objective to accomplish an arrival on unmistakable value of 8 percent by 2022, contrasted and a negative return a year ago. Cheap VPS Hosting Server in Chicago

"The subject of where the genuine income power will originate from for Deutsche Bank going ahead has not been replied," said David Hendler, a free examiner at New York-based Viola Risk Advisors. "It's far fetched whether they will almost certainly assemble a superior bank in only three years."

Appraisals office Fitch said that the bank's future FICO assessment will rely upon how effectively it executes the arrangement. Fitch downsized the bank to "BBB" status, the most reduced venture grade status, simply a month ago.

"The rebuilding measures include huge staff cuts and noteworthy administration changes, which could upset the intend to improve center income," it said in a note distributed Monday.

Rating office Moody's said there were "huge difficulties" to executing the arrangement quickly, including it would keep its negative viewpoint.

"It's a hazardous move, yet on the off chance that it succeeds, it can possibly bring the bank back on course," said an individual near one of the best 10 investors. Students Database

JP Morgan investigators called the arrangement "strong and just because not insane" however scrutinized the validity of execution, income development and representative inspiration.

The bank said on Sunday that it would not have to raise cash-flow to start the cuts, which will result in it making lost 2.8 billion euros in the subsequent quarter. It won't pay a profit either this year or next.

Several representatives at the bank's Wall Street office were called to the structure's cafeteria on Monday morning to become familiar with their destinies, sources inside the bank told Reuters. During coordinated gatherings with the board and HR, they were told they were being laid off and educated regarding their severance terms, the sources said.

Deutsche Bank had been one of only a handful couple of European banks to keep up a critical nearness in the United States after the 2007-2009 money related emergency. Be that as it may, it has attempted to contend with US rivals, hampered by administrative examinations and suit.

Reexamining the Bank

The United States had been viewed as a reasonable focal point of the cuts in spite of the fact that the bank kept up it needs to keep a noteworthy nearness, partially to support European corporate customers working together in the nation. Be that as it may, a few investors have pushed for a full US retreat.

Deutsche Bank said it stayed focused on the United States, its second-greatest market.

"We will hold a noteworthy nearness here and remain a nearby accomplice to our US customers and to worldwide foundations that need to get to the US showcase," it said in an announcement.

In London, where several activity cuts were normal, Chief Executive Officer Christian Sewing said he was "reexamining" the bank, which is required to post a misfortune this year. That would place it in the red for four of the previous five years after a progression of harming misfortunes.

Established in 1870, Deutsche Bank has for some time been a noteworthy wellspring of account and guidance for German organizations looking to extend abroad or fund-raise through the security or value markets.

Huge slices to its speculation bank switch a decades-in length development that started with its buy of Morgan Grenfell in London in 1989 and proceeded with 10 years after the fact with a takeover of Bankers Trust in the United States.

The speculation bank created around one-portion of Deutsche Bank's incomes but at the same time is unpredictable. President Sewing, who hailed the rebuilding in May after a bombed merger endeavor with Commerzbank, needs to concentrate on increasingly stable wellsprings of income.

"We are making a bank that will be increasingly beneficial, more slender, progressively inventive and stronger," Sewing wrote in a note to staff on Sunday.

As a component of the redesign, Deutsche Bank will set up a purported "awful bank" to slow down undesirable resources, with 74 billion euros ($83 billion) of hazard weighted resources.

'Quite Gloomy'

Deutsche Bank did not give subtleties hands on cuts, yet said they would be spread the world over, incorporating into Germany.

In Sydney, Hong Kong and somewhere else in the Asia-Pacific area, where Deutsche Bank used to rank among the best 10 allied tables for value capital market (ECM) bargains, a few investors said whole groups in deals and exchanging were going.

Deutsche Bank's Asia-Pacific head of ECM, Jason Cox, left, and ECM groups were disbanded in Japan, Australia and the greater part of Asia, individuals with direct information of issue stated, including that solitary a couple of syndicate financiers, including those taking a shot at current arrangements, will remain. MALAYSIA CLOUD SERVER

Deutsche Bank had slipped as of late in Asia, hitting seventeenth a year ago and eighteenth in 2019, Refinitiv information appeared. So far this year, it positions eighth provincially for merger-and-securing movement.

"The new venture bank will be littler yet stronger, with an attention on our financing, capital markets, warning administrations and deals and exchanging organizations," Asia-Pacific CEO Werner Steinmueller said in a staff reminder.

One laid-off values broker in Hong Kong said the disposition was "truly bleak" as individuals were assembled into conferences. "They give you this bundle and you are out of the structure," he said.

A few specialists left workplaces holding envelopes with the bank's logo. Three representatives snapped a photo of themselves alongside a Deutsche Bank sign outside, embraced and afterward hailed a taxi.

"On the off chance that you have a vocation for me, it would be ideal if you told me. In any case, don't pose inquiries," said one Deutsche worker.

One senior broker, still with work, addressed how well the thinned down establishment in Asia would contend.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Miss India Universe Ushoshi Sengupta pens Kolkata ghastliness: 6 young men hauled me, beat up Uber driver

Miss India Universe 2010 Ushoshi Sengupta took a Uber from a five-star lodging in Kolkata on Monday night. Much to her dismay that the ride would end up being an awful encounter for her and her partner. The previous Miss India Universe took to Facebook to compose a nitty gritty post on what she needed to face the previous evening when a gathering of young men smashed into her taxi and irritated her. Dedicated Server Hosting South Africa

Ushoshi likewise posted a video of the gathering of young men pestering her and her driver, and a photograph of the crushed front windshield of her taxi.

Here is her post:

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"The previous evening seventeenth June 2019 at around 11:40 pm I took a uber from JW Marriott Kolkata to return home subsequent to completing work, since I work with the Media and Entertainment industry working late hours is fundamental in my activity profile. I was joined by my associate. We were taking a left abandon the Exide crossing towards Elgin while few young men in a bicycle (without protective cap) came and hit the Uber. To which they halted the bicycle and began shouting at the driver. In a small amount of second there were 15 young men and they all begun slamming the vehicle window and hauling the driver out. They hauled the driver and began thumping him. This is the point at which I ventured out and began yelling taking a video of the occurrence (appended beneath). I kept running over the road to Maidan Police station , I saw an officer standing and I mentioned him to accompany me, he disclosed to me this isn't under them yet under the locale of Bhawanipore Police station. This is the point at which I separated I implored them to come or else the young men would have executed the driver. The officers came and held the young men saying for what reason are they making irritation . The young men pushed the cops and fled. In the wake of everything was more than two officers from Bhawanipore police headquarters came, by then it was 12am. I mentioned the driver to drop me and my associate home and chose to take it up with the police headquarters tomorrow first thing. Web Development

"To my express shock the young men tailed us till my partner's home and right when we were dropping him close lake gardens govt lodging, 6 of the young men in 3 bicycles came and ceased my vehicle, tossed stones, broke the vehicle. Hauled me out and attempted to break my telephone to erase the video. My partner bounced out of dread and I was totally shaken. I turned out began yelling at this point local people had turned out.

"I cooled off and called my father and my sister. Thinking of it as occurs in the following path and in my area (my para). The cops came instructed me to complete a FIR at Charu Market police headquarters. I went there Met the sub examiner who let me know my gripe will be just taken by the Bhawanipore police headquarters. Now I surrendered and began yelling. 1:30 am. No female cop at the station. Subsequent to bringing up a great deal of issues the officer took my grumble yet would not take the uber drivers whine expressing that 2 FIR's can't be taken for the equivalent gripe. What's more, he revealed to me that it's illegal. My uber driver demanded that he needs to do the gripe however the officers didn't take it. I am joining the video of the horde and the image of the messed up vehicle.

"Right off the bat, on the off chance that you are getting mobbed, damaged, attacked or even slaughtered please try to remain guaranteed about the ward of the police headquarters before hurrying to them. Since regardless of whether it is 100 meter far from your spot and not under the ward chances are exceptionally uncommon they will come and help.

"Also, how completes 15 young men without protective cap have such simplicity to pummel the Uber driver and break the vehicle. In south kolkata??? What I understood this was an approach to separate cash from the driver by undermining him in a crowd. This is completely a method for blackmail.

"Thirdly, regardless of whether the horde is beating the driver in the event that you venture out and raise a voice you will be assaulted. To help other people and stand up is a terrifying activity on the grounds that the police who was 100 mtrs away wouldn't help. The sub assessor would not take my drivers FIR expressing that it's not under the law.

"What's more, in conclusion, this could transpire, your sister returning from educational cost, your mom returning from work, your dad who is driving the vehicle or your sibling who is attempting to secure you. My Uber driver Tarak who likely has got his Uber on credit and driving and profiting for his family, who is attempting to challenge the chances of joblessness and buckling down will be terrified to drive, will be frightened to contact the legal executive.

"The previous evening completely shook me. This isn't the Kolkata I returned to, not the Kolkata I left prospering vocation outside to return and live. I spoke to Kolkata and won the title of Miss India I speak to this city, I speak to this region I stay standing for each young lady each resident who is terrified to live in this circumstance. Dispite making the FIR I never observed any means being taken against the young men. Furthermore, not just local people the police additionally could distinguish the young men in the video. UK DEDICATED SERVER

"Disgrace (sic)."

The post by Ushoshi has turned into a web sensation. At the season of documenting this, it had just been shared in excess of multiple times, with in excess of 1,400 individuals responding to it.

After the story became a web sensation on the web, the Kolkata Police composed on Twitter, "We have paid attention to this occurrence very and seven people have been captured up until now. On the request of the Commissioner of Police, Kolkata, a request with respect to the non-enrollment of F.I.R. has been started into this occurrence, at an extremely senior dimension."

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Dark Phoenix Is a Whimper of a Goodbye to a Generation of X-Men

The most recent—and perhaps last, for the time being—film in the primary X-Men establishment lands on June 7 after many deferrals. Its discharge was pushed back a few times, driving a few fans and joyful cynics to guess about whether the film's studio, Fox, had any trust in it. What's more, to be sure, in light of all that, the motion picture feels past the point of no return and excessively little, a minor work that is maybe too streamlined to even think about being extremely chaotic, however in any case has a quality of shambling estimation. Why this? Why now? Why ever?


Indeed, that last inquiry is anything but difficult to reply. The movie, composed and coordinated by Simon Kinberg, is called Dark Phoenix, a title comfortable to anybody with an even gentle comprehension of the X-Men world. The Dark Phoenix adventure—about mystic and supernatural saint Jean Gray transforming into an all-powerful danger after a space mishap—has been central legend for the X-Men for more than 40 years, a transcending story of intensity loosed and fallen top choices. It's been told in comic books, in an animation arrangement, and in the 2006 film X-Men: The Last Stand. But then there was possibly still a complete rendition to be done, an open door that Fox found in the throwing of Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, who initially showed up in Kinberg's X-Men: Apocalypse. Here could be the most august recitation of this heartbreaking story, finished with contemporary reasonableness (especially about the reality of hero mythos) and enhancements that could put human dramatization directly close by all the display. SEO Packages

I get the reasoning. Be that as it may, after Apocalypse's wan gathering, the present emphasis of the establishment perhaps simply didn't have the correct energy—both inside and outer—to convey such a profound bundle. That is the thing that runs over in watching Dark Phoenix, which is trudging and spur of the moment and close altogether without wonder. Kinberg pursues for that wonder, particularly in the film's unpropitious and practically sly opening stretches—yet very soon the film sinks into a dull attachment and-play musicality, giving us substantial discussion about the onus of unprecedented capacity that is apathetically repeated from the X-Men films that have preceded. Kinberg has been given a fine cast of entertainers to organize the dramatization, yet they're offered little to do, the vast majority of them walking through on dismal autopilot as the motion picture strolls with point yet little reason toward a rushed end.
Did anybody need to be there? It absolutely doesn't appear that way. Jennifer Lawrence, whose shape-shifter Mystique has helped stay the establishment since X-Men: First Class, has concealed her clear fatigue previously, particularly in the shoulda-been-arrangement closer Days of Future Past. In any case, in Dark Phoenix, she can't marshal any of that old dramatic skill. Her lack of care—which is to some degree justifiable—is met liberally by the film, in a way I won't ruin. (Despite the fact that it's as of now been sorta ruined in the trailers.) Michael Fassbender, as tangled rebel Magneto, is made to strain somewhat harder for his dinner, and gives it about a semester-and-a-half of the school attempt. Cheap VPS Hosting Server in New-York

Just James McAvoy develops his presentation as all-knowing shepherd-authority Professor X. In any case, that is on the grounds that he's really solicited to play new shades from the character: interesting harmonies of control and hubris go through Dark Phoenix's rendition of Charles Xavier, which McAvoy speaks with his typical nuanced power. His scenes, when Xavier obstinately delves in his heels and demands his direction is correct, show what sort of mentally complex motion picture Dark Phoenix could have been had there not been this hurry to simply complete it.

The film is so anxious to get itself over with that its title screw-up even appears a bit of hindsight. There's an entire captivating perused on the Dark Phoenix account—especially in the manner in which it tends to ladies and power—that Kinberg's film just flaccidly signals at. For the most part, Turner does likewise "what's going on to me???"/"I can't control it!" scene again and again, leaving us still uncertain if Turner is a star who can shake off Game of Thrones and attest her ability somewhere else. I'm pulling for her, yet Dark Phoenix is so smothered, in its inquisitive way, that its doubtful lead is left in the shadows.

Just like its scoundrel, a pale outsider epitomized with evil skim by Jessica Chastain. Perhaps a more full, longer cut of this motion picture is surviving some place, in which Chastain's character is satisfyingly clarified. Be that as it may, in the rendition being discharged in theaters, she scarcely enrolls. Here we have an amazing female-displaying being entering a kind of mentorship with an extremely ground-breaking more youthful lady as she leaves the aegis of men to ponder her new feeling of wild independence. That is a great deal to mine! Be that as it may, Dark Phoenix gives it every one of the a chance to sit, leaving this topical potential as unclear and unstated as the film's free 1992 setting. Jean Gray's greatness (or is it a plummet?) has been chronicled before this, yet regardless it merits more on a zillionth time around.

That more may be out there some place, in a motion picture that took expanded time and thought and, to be perfectly honest, spending plan. (The embellishments in Dark Phoenix are marginal awful.) What exists now, however, can't mount its very own feeble safeguard presence. "You're correct, you're correct, I'm grieved," the motion picture appears to state, conveying its pat closure and after that rapidly rearranging off, humiliated. In the event that this is without a doubt the last portion of this rendition of the X-Men universe—with McAvoy, Fassbender, Lawrence, and the rest—at that point it's a quite woeful farewell. I'd most likely rather they'd quite recently ghosted.

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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Meghalaya Board Results: MBOSE HSSLC (Arts) Results to be declared TODAY: Reports

MBOSE HSSLC (Arts) Results 2019: The Meghalaya Board of School Education (MBOSE) is relied upon to declare the consequences of Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate (HSSLC) Examinations, 2019 (Arts Stream) today, as indicated by the nearby media reports.


MBOSE HSSLC (Arts) Results 2019: The Meghalaya Board of School Education (MBOSE) is relied upon to declare the aftereffects of Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate (HSSLC) Examinations, 2019 (Arts Stream) today, as indicated by the neighborhood media reports. Not long after the formal affirmation of the outcomes, the scorecards will be accessible on the official site of the board for example www.megresults.nic.in. The applicants must note that they can the outcomes on this page too by tapping on the connection given underneath. The statement of the outcomes will seal the destiny of thousands of understudies who have showed up for the examination.

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Snap HERE FOR MBOSE HSSLC (Arts) Results

For the accommodation of the understudies, we have referenced the procedure through which the hopefuls can download the outcomes:

Stage 1: Visit www.newsnation.in/board-results and snap on the Meghalaya Board result interface.

Stage 2: Submit your move number or concede card number alongside different subtleties.

Stage 3: Cross-check every one of the subtleties and snap on the submit catch.

Stage 4: Your MBOSE HSSLC Arts Result 2019 will be shown on the screen.

Stage 5: Download PDF or take a printout for future reference.

All the Head of the Institutions/Officers-in-Charge of the MBOSE HSSLC Examination Centers are mentioned to gather the Result Booklets from MBOSE Office, Tura/Shillong and Jowai MBOSE Cell after the statement of result.

Prior, the Meghalaya Board of School Education declared the Meghalaya twelfth Result 2019 or MBOSE HSSLC Result 2019. In Meghalaya, the MBOSE HSSLC Science Result 2019, MBOSE HSSLC Commerce Result 2019, MBOSE Vocational Result 2019 was discharged by the Meghalaya Board of School Education on its official site mbose.in on ninth May.

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MBOSE Class 12 Science Result 2019:

• Pass rate - 73.80%

Topper locale -

• East Khasi Hills - 80.60% (1969 showed up, 1587 passed)

• West Khasi Hills - 74.49% (243 showed up, 181 passed)

• Ri-Bhoi - 91.67% (96 showed up, 88 passed)

MBOSE Class 12 Commerce Result 2019:

• Pass rate - 79.24%

Topper District -

• East Khasi Hills - 83.51% (104 showed up, 1256 passed)

• West Khasi Hills - 84.29% (70 showed up, 59 passed)

• Ri-Bhoi - 87.65% (81 showed up, 71 passed)

Topper Names -

• Science - Debjanee Bhattacharjee

• Commerce - Bhanudaya Upadhyaya


The Meghalaya Board of School Education was set up according to the 1973 MBOSE Act. The board has the privilege to control, manage and take care of the issues related with school instruction in Meghalaya. At first, the training board was working in the workplace of the executive of open guidance. Then again, the training load up likewise directs examinations for optional school leaving endorsement for understudies. The Meghalaya Education Board gives customary just as separation instruction to the understudies from Class eighth to twelfth. The separation instruction is furnished with the schools that are subsidiary to MBOSE. Potential understudies will be charmed to realize that the board continues directing different exercises and school level occasions to keep up the eagerness levels in understudies. Dedicated Server Hosting South Africa

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

IRS Q1 2019: Lokmat rules Maharashtra, Gujarat Samachar pioneer in Gujarat

The Indian Readership Survey (IRS) Q1 2019 was discharged last Friday. In the provincial section, Daily Thanthi has risen as the most perused every day with 24054, 000 Total Readership (TR) though Malayala Manorama takes the top spot as far as AIR (9758,000).

On the off chance that we center just around the best 5 dailies rundown from the west area, the principal spot on the TR list went to Lokmat with 19691, 000 TR. That is an improvement from IRS 2017 where the TR for the day by day was 18066, 000.

As far as most perused Marathi papers, Daily Sakal took the second spot after Lokmat with 11841 TR. In IRS 2017, it had recorded 10498 TR which implies it has figured out how to expand its readership in most recent two years. Punya Nagri takes the third spot with 9670 TR, Pudhari takes the fourth spot with 8083 TR and Loksatta is at the fifth position with 4174.


Coming to most peruse Gujarati dailies, Gujarat Samachar held its top spot with 11873 TR pursued by Sandesh on the second spot with 10375 TR. The last also remained put on the second spot. Divya Bhaskar stays on third spot, as IRS 2017, with 8178 TR. Saurashtra Samachar and Kutch Mitra swapped places. In IRS 2019, Saurashtra Samachar figured out how to topple Kutch Mitra with 766 TR. Kutch Mitra timed 757 TR according to IRS 2019. In the prior report, the request was turned around.

Talking about the accomplishment, Karan Darda, Executive Director, Lokmat Media Group, told exchange4media, "I am happy that Lokmat has hopped to the fifth position from sixth last time, the main Marathi production recorded in the Top 5 dailies in India (all dialects). It obviously demonstrates our perusers' trust, certainty and confidence in evident reporting. We at Lokmat have dependably had a heartbeat of our group of onlookers and that is reflected in the way that we are the No.1 Marathi paper in India, No.1 paper in Maharashtra and very glad to hold the No.1 position in Pune in IRS 2019,Q1."

Lokmat additionally observed an ascent in AIR since IRS 2017. It had recorded 5963, 000 AIR in 2017, which rose to 6085, 000 AIR in 2019. Bulk Email Server

Rajasthan Patrika takes the 6th position on the Top 20 dailies rundown (all dialects) with 18036, 000 TR. It ascended one stage from the seventh position in IRS 2017 when it had timed 16326, 000 TR. Rajasthan Patrika's release, Patrika, climbed the stepping stool to the nineteenth position with 9967 000 TR.

A comparable pattern has been seen for Gujarat Samachar. The every day climbed one spot to fifteenth position on all dialects TR list with11873, 000 in the most recent report. Day by day Sakal went up two scores to sixteenth position with 11841 TR.

Uday Jadhav, CEO, Sakal Media Group, told exchange4media, "The IRS think about is significant for us to comprehend the changing elements of our readership. Sakal has included 13.43 lakh perusers which is a sound sign for us. It likewise guarantees us that our perusers are valuing the advancements and the item improvement we are doing to convey the most ideal item in the best way."

HNI Databases

Sunday, 7 April 2019

BJP to discharge statement for Lok Sabha surveys today

NEW DELHI: The BJP will discharge its pronouncement for the Lok Sabha surveys booked to begin from April 11 on Monday, with issues of improvement and national security set to be its key features.

Top gathering pioneers, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi and its boss Amit Shah, will be available at the dispatch of the proclamation, depicted by the BJP as its "sankalp patra".

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A gathering proclamation said individuals from its parliamentary board, the BJP's summit body whose individuals incorporate Modi, will be available on the event.

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With the Congress proclamation putting significant push on welfare measures, including a guarantee of offering ?72,000 to the most unfortunate 20% family units in India, the decision party is probably going to influence a large number of guarantees to charm distinctive areas of the general public, particularly ranchers, youth and ladies, other than the discouraged.

Senior BJP pioneer Arun Jaitley Sunday disclosed battle subjects and different materials of the gathering's decision crusade, with "Phir ek baar, Modi sarkar (Modi government, yet again)" as the slogan.
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Thursday, 7 March 2019

18 harmed in impact at Jammu transport stand: Police

Srinagar: 18 people were harmed in an amazing blast that happened at the bustling transport remain in the core of Jammu on Thursday, police said. Dedicated Server Hosting France

The impact happened at around 12 pm, a police official said. Bulk SMS service provider 

The harmed have been moved to a nearby emergency clinic for treatment. Cloud hosting Server provider

A police official disclosed to Kashmir Reader that the idea of the blast is being discovered.

In the interim, the powers have cordoned off the zone. Cheapest italy VPS server

Saturday, 16 September 2017

London Underground train blast: Islamic State claims responsibility; UK terror threat level raised to critical

London: Islamic State (IS) has claimed responsibility for the explosion on a packed London Underground train which was about to depart Parsons Green underground station at 8.20 am (0720 GMT) on Friday.

"The bombing on a metro in London was carried out by a detachment of the Islamic State" group, it said in a statement published by its Amaq propaganda agency.

Assistant Chief Constable Alun Thomas, head of Specialist Operations at BTP, said: “Now that the threat level has increased, we will be deploying a number of additional officers throughout the national rail network. Our officers have been given specialist training in counter-terrorism policing – including behavioural awareness skills. This means that their day-to-day policing role is keenly focussed on keeping passengers and staff as safe as possible.”

Police have issued some guidelines and helpline numbers for the Londoners.

If you see or hear anything that could be a threat of any kind you can:

- Call the anti-terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321

- A textphone service is available if you have speech or hearing difficulties 0800 032 4539 (text messages from mobiles not accepted)

or to get in touch with British Transport Police direct

- Call us on 0800 40 50 40

- Text us on 61016

- In case of an emergency, always ring 999


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Saturday, 19 August 2017

Jammu: Two missing teenage girls traced, reunited with families

Jammu: Two teenage girls who went missing from their homes in Jammu have been traced, the police said on Saturday.

On August 17, a 14-year-old girl from Simbal Camp went to school in the morning but didn't return home, a police officer said today.

The police traced the girl to Digyana area in the city and she was reunited with her parents late last night, he said.

On April 19, Tilak Raj of Bahu Fort area complained to the police that his 13-year-old daughter was missing, the officer said.

During the probe, police teams were dispatched to different locations to find her. The missing girl was traced and reunited with her parents, he said.


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Monday, 31 July 2017

Bombay HC seeks publisher’s response on reference to Bhindranwale as ‘terrorist’ in book

The Bombay high court has sought the response of Balbharti, the publisher of school textbooks, on a petition seeking deletion of a chapter in a history textbook in which separatist leader Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale is referred to as a “terrorist”.

A division bench headed by Justice Anoop Mohta gave the response earlier this week while hearing a petition filed by Mumbai resident Amritpalsingh Khalsa.

He sought a direction to Balbharti to delete the reference to Bhindranwale as “terrorist”, in a chapter in the history textbook of Class IX.

The petition has also sought a direction to Balbharti to tender an apology to the Sikh community for allegedly hurting their religious sentiments and direct the police to register a criminal complaint against the education body.

The high court has posted the petition for further hearing after four weeks.

Khalistani leader Bhindranwale was killed during Operation Bluestar in 1984.


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Huge hatchet falls as Deutsche Bank to lay off 18,000 in $8.3 billion update

Deutsche Bank laid off staff from Sydney to New York on Monday as it sliced 18,000 occupations in a 7.4 billion euro ($8.3 billion) "r...